Europe To Get Seven-Seat Nissan Evalia Electric Van

Nissan has put a lot of time, money, and effort into electric cars, and they aren’t looking back. This week the Nissan Evalia electric van made its Paris Auto Show debut. With seating for seven and a target market that includes soccer moms and small-business owners, this electric van could be a hit in urbanized Europe.

Based on the e-NV200 concept, the newly-named Nissan Evalia Electric van will utilize the same drivetrain as the Nissan Leaf. While the Japanese automaker hasn’t released range numbers, they did say that the fast-charging plug will allow an 80% charge in just 30 minutes. Nissan is also touting that 6 kW of onboard energy that can be tapped by business owners who need a portable source of power.

The Evalia will hopefully debut with a new version of the Leaf battery, providing for more (or at least equal) range to the current compact EV. Don’t expect much in the way of acceleration, but for business owners and around-the-town types who don’t stray too far, an electric minivan could provide a lot of versatility.

No word on if Nissan plans to offer the all-electric Evalia for sale in the U.S.; hopefully they have better luck than Ford did with the Transit Connect Electric.

Source: Green Car Reports

Christopher DeMorro

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