Audi Crosslane Concept Is A Sporty Hybrid Coupe Worth Building

Once boring and easy to passover, hybrid concept cars now represent some of the most interesting machines on the show floor. The 2012 Paris Auto Show has its fair share of hybrids, though on of the most interesting is the Audi Crosslane Concept. Part coupe, part crossover, and part convertible, this stylish hybrid wants to be everything to everyone.

The styling isn’t so outlandish as to imagine such a car never happening, which is one reason I am quite into it. This is defintely a concept with road-going aspirations, and if they do make it I hope they stay close to the looks of the concept.

But the real action is under the hood, where a 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine that works in conjunction with two electric motors; one for the starter/alternator, and one to help drive the wheels. The combined output is 176 horsepower, which should offer a lively driving experience in the 3,064 pound package.

The electric motor can power the Audi Crosslane Concept 53 miles on electrons only at speeds up to 80 mph for the mpg equivalent of up to 258 mpg, or so Audi claims. The Crosslane is also quite versatile, being able to go from a 2+2 to a 2-seater with ample trunk space. Indeed, this is quite the versatile hybrid, and I can only hope Audi brings this concept to life looking…well, pretty much as it does right now.

Source: Audi

Christopher DeMorro

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