Two Teams Complete Round-The-World EV Journey Days Apart

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that I’ve been following the progress of two teams of round-the-world trippers trying to circumnavigate the globe in electric cars. Well I am happy to report that despite some setbacks, both teams have completed their journeys, just says apart.

But who won this first-of-its-kind race? Read on to find out.

The Tesla Roadster driven by Rafael de Mestre managed to complete his round-the-world journey on September 16th. He drove over 16,000 miles in under 80 days, becoming the first person to drive around the world in an electric car.

His competition meanwhile, two Frenchmen driving the Citroen C-Zero, a modified version of the Mitsubishi i, took 8 months to complete their own 16,000 mile journey. The duo had to recharge over 300 times due to the 63-mile range of their EV. Meanwhile, Rafael could travel over three times as far per charge, giving him a distinct advantage despite having set off months later and getting into an accident just 600 miles from the finish line. After some quick repairs, Rafael managed to finish off his journey with an EV convoy.

My hat is off to both teams, who I imagine had to get pretty resourceful when it came to finding electricity. If anything, this proves that the “lack” of EV charging infrastructure isn’t nearly as much of a problem as some people would make it. So once again, congratulations to both teams on a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment.

That said, I guess this time, the Hare beat the Tortoise.

Source: Electric Race | Hybrid Cars

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