Muscle Car-Inspired Train Is The Kind Of Public Transit We Need

You know why a majority of Americans don’t use public transit? It’s drab, dreary, and worst of all, dull. We need something more…inspirational.

Leave it to the Aussies to out-America America. A new design for a high-speed train between Sydney and Melbourne draws its inspiration from one of Oz’s most popular muscle cars. Do. Want.

Australia-based design firm HASSEL has penned this high-speed train designed to carry some of the 8 million-plus people who travel between Australia’s two largest cities. Yet many Australian’s share America’s disdain for public transit. Thus, HASSEL drew inspiration from the Holden HK Monaro, sort of an Australian Camaro.

The imagery is unmistakable; this is a train that looks like a muscle car, without looking ridiculous, inside and out. With a top speed of 250 mph, the muscle train could make that 545 mile journey between the two cities in just over two hours. Today’s current trains are limited to just 100 mph.

Leave it up to the Aussies to create biodiesel muscle cars, set a world record for EV range, AND inspire awesome muscle trains. This is the kind of public transit system America needs. Want to inspire people to greatness? Build great things.

But don’t take my word for it. Just take a gander at the two pictures above and tell me…which train would you rather ride?

Source: Inhabitat


Christopher DeMorro

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