1000 hp Ethanol GTR vs. Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack 2012 (w/ video)

Switzer E1K Airstrip Attack

We’ve covered Switzer Performance’s flex-fuel street beasts several times here on Gas 2. Whether the story has been a 900 hp flex-fuel Porsche or a low-emission, ethanol GTR, however, the story can usually be summed up with 2 words: green speed.

In a few weeks, one of Switzer’s customer cars – the 1000 hp E1K GTR that took the TX2K10 and TX2K12 invitationals – will be headed out to Shift S3ctor’s Airstrip Attack event. I covered the announcement on Switzer’s blog, and re-posted it for you all, below. Enjoy!

Boulder E1K vs. Shift S3ctor (via Switzer Performance News)

Boulder Nissan‘s P800 has shown up on these pages in the past, after winning the TX2K10 and hitting fantastic speeds at the Texas Mile event immediately afterwards. Since then, the car has “outgrown” its P800 markings, and has been turned into a 1000 hp, ethanol-fueled track-terror. We call it…

Source: Shift S3ctor, via Switzer Performance.

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