Recycled Hawtness: 1967 Ford Falcon XR Uses Biodiesel, Recycled Parts

The Land Down Under has many unique muscle cars, chief among them the classic Ford Falcon XR. No doubt most of these cars guzzle more than their fair share of petrol, but at least one Aussie businessman is taking green to a new level. He has built a beautiful, biodiesel-powered 1967 Falcon XR that uses almost entirely recycled parts. He calls it “ZERO’D.”

The idea of a completely-recycled muscle car comes from Mick Fabar, owner of the Green Homes Australia. He wanted to build an eco-friendly luxury muscle car that combined his passion for horsepower with the undeniable coolness of going green.

To that end Fabar took one of Australia’s most iconic muscle cars, the 1967 Ford Falcon XR (not to be confused with our own Ford Falcon; same name, different car) and dropped a 7.3 liter Ford Powerstroke turbodiesel engine into it. Fabar and his crew then converted the Powerstroke to accept a B20 biodiesel blend, which is 20% sustainably-sourced diesel. That is enough to reduce exhaust emissions by up to 70%, even though the engine still produces in the neighborhood of 600 horsepower.

That’s at least a decent effort at going green…but more importantly, Fabar insisted that his team use as many recycled parts, inside and out. That meant finding second-hand body panels, and stitching together the leather seats with scrap leather that are normally not used. This is the next level of going green with your car. The name “ZERO’D” certainly applies to this ‘67 Falcon.

Though America has shared its love of gas-guzzling muscle machines with the world,  automobiles are actually one of the most-recycled products you can buy. Major automakers like Ford are going the extra mile to include sustainable materials in every aspect of car production. It is a trend that is also starting to catch on with many aftermarket shops and automotive tuners, who are encountering customers that want to make more than just a statement on the drag strip.

Ethanol Nissan GT-Rs,  propane Mustangs, and CNG supercars are all being used by drivers across a multitude of sports. To see these fuels and conservation trends trickling down to muscle cars, which I think are fair to call the poster boys of air pollution, is very encouraging. Sure, the ZERO’d Ford Falcon is all the way in Australia…but maybe its time we learned a thing or two from the Aussies.

Source: Carscoop | Fabar Construction

Christopher DeMorro

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