Toyota TS030 Hybrid Takes First Checkered Flag

With Toyota’s return to the World Endurance Championship with a hybrid race car, the international racing community had a new and very strong competitor to watch out for. After an unsuccessful 24 Hours of Le Mans debut, the Toyota TS030 Hybrid race car has taken its first victory at the Six Hours of Sao Paulo, the fifth round of the WEC.

It’s the first WEC victory for Toyota since 1999, as Toyota has not competed in the World Endurance Championship for over 10 years. Toyota got off to a late star in the competition this year, and their 24 Hours of Le Mans debut showed promise, right up until accidents ended the racing days of both TS030 Hybrids.

Indeed, in the early hours of the famed endurance race, the Toyota TS030 Hybrids were running neck-and-neck with the eventual winners, the Audi R18 e-tron hybrids. With a 3.8 liter V8 and a flywheel hybrid system that captures braking energy that drivers can unleash with a push of a button, the Toyota TS030 represents the next revolution in racing. So much so that the FIA is now pushing all teams towards hybrid race car setups in the next few years.

I’m glad to see Toyota’s racing efforts finally paying off. Hopefully they’re in it for the long run, as they currently stand the best chance of dethroning Audi, who has absolutely dominated the WEC for the past decade.

Yup, I’m rooting for Toyota. Wild, huh?

Source: Motor Authority

Christopher DeMorro

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