Toyota Rav4 EV Lease Will Cost $599 A Month

Toyota has taken a lot of flack for producing what many are calling a “compliance car” in the Toyota Rav4 EV. With a $49,800 price tag and production initially limited to just 2,600 units, the Rav4 EV isn’t what one would call “affordable.” However, leasing options may make it slightly more attractive for the well-heeled EV enthusiast.

With $3,499 down, well-qualified lessees could driving off in a Toyota Rav4 EV for only $599 a month. Yup, that’ll cost you, though it is still a good deal less than you’d pay trying to buy the Rav4 EV.

Of course by leasing, rather than buying, you’ll also miss out on the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit and California’s $2,500 Clean Vehicle Rebate, which brings the MSRP down to $39,800. Factor in 1.9% financing, and the Toyota Rav4 EV makes slightly more economic sense. Still, while some hybrid cars are going for lease options that are practically stealing the car, Toyota seems content to charge a premium price for its compliance car.

Then again, since Toyota only intends on selling the Rav4 EV in California for now, most of the country probably could care less. Given a range of just 100 miles for the electric SUV that Toyota co-developed with Tesla Motors, it doesn’t exactly make a strong case for purchase. Perhaps a three-year lease while waiting for a better next-gen model is indeed the way to go.

Source: Green Car Reports

Christopher DeMorro

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