Lexus LF-CC Concept Is A Luxurious Hybrid Coupe

Green is in vogue these days, and the wealthy seem to have acquired a taste for lessening their carbon footprint…or at least looking like they do. Leave it up to the new Lexus LF-CC Concept to go straight for the heart of the nouveau riche and green elite with a hybrid coupe that is both opulent, yet not overbearing.

Being a concept, I don’t expect the heavily-sculpted front or rear fascia to go into production as-is. Yet there is something undeniably sporty about the Lexus LF-CC, even though the debut drivetrain is somewhat…underwhelming?

An Atkinson-cycle 2.5 liter engine and two electric motors provide motivation for the LF-CC, which isn’t exactly a potent powertrain. Kind of a letdown given that Atkinson-cycle engines sacrifice power for economy. But I’ll wait for the official Paris Auto Show reveal to harp too hard, as Lexus may have other powertrains in the offering.

Also, it is only a concept, and a hybrid concept at that. Fuel economy tends to matter more than 0-60 mph times, although concepts are usually a chance to go crazy with the future tech. Perhaps this car is closer to a production intent-model than Lexus is letting on, much closer than the previously-revealed Lexus LF-LC hybrid sports coupe. The Lexus LF-CC is also rear-wheel drive, so maybe I am underestimating the power of this new hybrid drivetrain. Will Lexus let you have your cake, and eat it too?

Instead, Lexus seems to have focused on style over substance, and in my humble opinion, they hit a triple, if not quite a homerun.  The front fascia looks a bit puckered with the folded-in look behind the wheels, but otherwise I love the shape Lexus designers have sculpted. The LF-CC is quite the looker.

The sexier hybrids get, the more people will want them. Does the look of the Lexus LF-CC make you want a hybrid, or are you not as taken with it as I am?

Source: Lexus

Christopher DeMorro

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