CODA Hopes To Expand EV Sales With Broader Dealer Network

As one of the less talked about electric automakers, Coda is struggling to find a marketplace for its innovative-if-boring take on electric sedans. But the California-based automaker plans to take its electric car nationwide in the coming year, working up to a 30-dealer network that spans coast to coast.

Coda has to-date delivered around just 100 sedans during its California-only “soft launch.” The company reportedly has over 1,000 pre-orders for the EV sedan, which utilizes a body built in China but a battery pack installed in America. That’s not bad, but far from where the company hopes to be, seeking to capture 15% of the “non-luxury” EV market.

With 88 miles of EPA-rated range, the Coda sedan has a good bit more mileage than competition like the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i. With a $37,250 price tag, the Federal Tax Credit brings the cost of the Coda to just under $30,000. So on paper its competitive, but without an extensive dealer network, it will be difficult to get cars into the hands of consumers.

Thus Coda plans to expand to EV-friendly U.S. states like Oregon, Florida, and eventually into China in 2014. They certainly have a tough road ahead though; launching a new car brand is never easy, and this is nothing overly remarkable about the Coda sedan to recommend it over any of the competition. But if Coda can hang on long enough, they might be able to eek out a sizable chunk of the EV market, enough to sustain them to begin sales in EV-hungry China.

Does Coda stand a chance if its dealer network gets up and running? Sound off down below in the comments.

Source: Bloomberg

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