Outrage Follows Pentagon Purchase Of 1,500 Hybrids Including Chevy Volts

If any entity knows how important it is for America to cease its reliance on oil, it is the U.S. Military. With dozens of different alt-fuel projects in the works, the military is exploring all options when it comes to reducing their use of oil. This apparently includes a large order of 1,500 plug-in vehicles, a large majority of them Chevy Volts.

Cue the outrage!

While many outlets, among them Fox News, are reporting that the Department of Defense is purchasing 1,500 Chevy Volts, the real story is that the DoD is purchasing 1,500 plug-in vehicles…most of them Chevy Volts. These vehicles will be sent to bases nationwide, most likely to supplement or replace an aging fleet of less fuel-efficient vehicles on and off base.

The United States Military is the #1 consumer of energy in the world, including oil. The DoD has repeatedly stated that securing a sustainable, domestic supply of fuel is of paramount importance to national security. That is why we have programs that include hybrid tanks, biofuel-powered warplanes, and diesel-electric HUMVEEs.

The military has already purchased more than 3,000 hybrid and electric vehicles to testing on their bases already, in an effort to reduce energy consumption. But only when the Chevy Volt enters the fray does the outrage rear its ugly head. Of course this has conspiracy theorists arguing that Obama is trying to pump up the Chevy Volt and GM ahead of the election…and he might be. Then again, can you see a bunch of Marines piling into a Toyota Prius? Me neither.

The Republican Party has made no bones about their oil-only energy plan, oil that funnels money to America’s enemies and lines the pockets of corporate interests. Meanwhile, the GOP is attacking the military for supporting domestic production of alternative fuels. The irony here of course is that the Chevy Volt will actually save the military a fair chunk of change in the long run; many on-base trips are well within the Volts 35-mile EV range, and recharging the Volt costs just a $1.50, compared with the $4.00 or so a conventional gas-powered car would cost. Yet it matters not to Republicans, who seem determined to derail the Volt, facts be damned.

Of course the Volt also retails for $39,995, which ain’t cheap by any measure…unless you’re talking about the military. If you use the same misguided math Reuters used to claim the Volt loses GM nearly $50,000 per car, you come out at a figure of around $678 million per plane, for an air superiority fighter with no real use.

But ya, the military buying a few hundred Chevy Volts? That is totally a waste of taxpayer money.

Source: Stars & Stripes

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