Video: The RYNO Electric Unicycle…Actually Works

There are a lot of out-there ideas when it comes to alternative fuels and personal transportation. The RYNO electric unicycle is probably one of the most bizarre, futuristic, and most brazen ideas out there right now.

But perhaps most impressive is the fact this electric unicycle actually works. Video proof after the jump.

It seems like a vehicle straight out of Blade Runner or Total Recall, with a self-balancing gyro system not unlike the one used in the Segway. The on-board batteries provide enough go-power for up to 30 miles of driving, and while the 12.5 mph on-road top speed isn’t exactly exciting, off-road the RYNO can reach speeds of up to 25 mph.

As a compact little commuter, the RYNO unicycle makes a shocking amount of sense. As little more than a wheel, seat, and handlebars, the space it requires is minimized. I could see a storage locker in an apartment building stacked with these for residents who need to make a quick grocery run. Just strap on a helmet and backpack, put the key in, and go!

Its designer envisions users taking the RYNO with them on the subway, dipping in between auto traffic, and riding down sidewalks. It certainly would make for a fun little commuter, and the proposed price of $3,500, it isn’t even that expensive. I know people who have spent that much on bicycles.

So let me know city dwellers, is the RYNO electric unicycle something you could see yourself on? Or is this just another idea whose time has not come?

Source: The Atlantic Cities | RYNO Motors

Christopher DeMorro

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