Video: Killajoule 3-Wheeled Electric Motorcycle Breaks 200 MPH, Sets New Record

The world of electric racing is fast becoming one of the most competitive racing fields on the planet. Land speed racing has become especially attractive to clean speed junkies like Eva Håkansson . Her custom built Killajoule 3-wheeled electric motorcycle took to an official top speed of 191.4 mph, and briefly broke 200 mph, solidifying her place in the record books.

Håkansson , a graduate student in engineering at the University of Denver, built Killajoule to compete at the Bonneville Salt Flats, a world renowned land speed racing destination. Her 3-wheeled “motorcycle” uses a streamliner-style body to reduce drag and achieve incredible speeds. Without this body, Håkansson’s top speed of 216.5 mph would be impossible.

Powering Killajoule is a 250 horsepower electric motor, backed by 214 pounds of cordless drill batteries provided by A123 systems. And while Håkansson ’s “official” time is only 191.4 mph, unofficially her streamlined 3-wheeled motorcycle hit a top speed of 216.5 mph. That is not at all far behind the current record of 219 mph for conventional, gas-powered 3-wheeled motorcycles.

Other electric vehicles have taken to the salt flats and set their own records, including the 200 mph Lightning electric motorcycle and Buckeye Bullet streamliner, which topped 300 mph back in 2010.  I just love watching electric vehicles prove all the haters wrong.

Here is hoping Håkansson can take down the gas-powered record and become the overall 3-wheeled motorcycle land speed record holder.

Source: Torque News| Eva Håkansson | Image: Anthony Olway/TTXGP

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