Video: Kleenspeed EV-X11 Electric Race Car Sets New Lap Record

The best part of writing this blog is all the record breaking alternative fuel cars are doing these days. Speaking of which, the Kleenspeed EV-X11 recently set a new EV record around California’s Sonoma Raceway, setting a pace that is just a few seconds behind cars using conventional gas engines.

Yup, they’re literally close enough to see in the rearview mirror. Be afraid gas guzzlers, be very afraid.

Kleenspeed Technologies and their EV-X11 electric race car set a new lap record for EVs around the 2.52 mile track in 1 minute and 35.99 seconds. That is about 15 seconds behind the all-time lap record set by Marco Werner in an Audi R8 back in 2004. race car. Many other conventional cars average around 1 minute 30 seconds in vehicles that are 400 pounds lighter.

In other words, Kleenspeed is catching up.

But then again, Kleenspeed has yet to close that small-but-crucial gap between EV racers and conventional cars. You may remember that back in 2010, Kleenspeed zipped around Laguna Seca in a time that was about 5 seconds behind the lap record holder, the Viper ACR. While Sonoma and Laguna Seca are much different race courses, Kleenspeed is still running behind where it needs to be.

But there are still plenty of chances for them to get out and race. From Pikes Peak to the Nurburgring, from electric motorcycles to biodiesel pickups, alt-fuel vehicles are kicking ass and taking names in the world of racing. Kleenspeed may be waiting for a shot at the upcoming Formula E series, which will basically be Formula 1 for electric vehicles. Kleenspeed is reportedly working on a street-legal car for China as well, and they are even quoted as talking about moving their EV technology into more “mainstream” vehicles.

Alas, they still have a long way to go. The Kleenspeed EV-X11 is still only capable of 7 or 8 laps on a charge. On a track like Sonoma, that works out to be just 17 to 20 miles of racing, good for maybe 12 laps before pitting. That probably won’t cut it, especially with teams like Bluebird and McLaren joining the EV racing fray.

But a record is a record, and the Kleenspeed EV-X11 is at the very least a consistent and potent zero-emissions race car, and they have had some racing success at events like ReFuel. Hopefully they’ll close the mineshaft lap-time gap to take on the other EV heavyweights.

Source: PC World

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