Former Prius Owners Turning To Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt doesn’t get a lot of love from the right-wing, and Monday’s biased Reuters article claiming each Volt costs GM up to $49,000 certainly doesn’t help. But there is one group of car owners who are turning to the Volt in high numbers, and it is just the customer GM is hoping to attract.

I’m talking about owners of the Toyota Prius, which is the #1 traded-in vehicle for Volt customers.

Yup, it turns out the stereotype is true; Prius owners are probably the same people who are ready to pop an artery over today’s new iPhone unveiling. While no specific numbers are mentioned, it is an important metric. It took Toyota many years to recoup its investment in the Prius, and they are only now getting around to releasing a plug-in version of the Prius.

Yet Prius owners are still turning to the Volt. Part of the reason could be that the Prius Plug-in is still only available in select markets. It could be that the Volt has had a lot more press, negative and positive, than the Prius Plug-in. It could be that Prius owners simply need to have the latest and greatest thing.

Whatever the reason, I am sure there are a few current and former GM execs (cough cough Bob Lutz cough) smirking over the conquest numbers. Any current Prius owners want to chime in?

Source: The Truth About Cars

Christopher DeMorro

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