Home-built Hawtness: Benjie's Cafe Racers

To paraphrase the great Chris DeMorro, the greenest ride you can buy is the ride that’s already been built. I believe that. There is a problem with buying used (or, “vintage”) rides, however, and it’s not the obvious “it’s not the new one” objection that drives the OEMs to radically redesign their vehicles every few years. No, the problem is that you’re limited to what the manufacturers built in the past, and the wants and needs of riders in the past (let’s say, 1982) might have been different from your wants and needs as a rider today. You, dear reader, may want something a little more sporting than the typical Honda rider in 1982 was looking for – but fear not! You don’t need to drop down $10K on a new Triumph to get the look and feel of a classic sportsbike – you just need a little help from Benjie’s Cafe Racers, who can help you craft some home-built hawtness of your own.

With a few, high-quality and hand-formed steel parts, you can easily and quickly transform a vintage UJM motorcycle into a sporty, trendy cafe racer. That’s the claim, anyway.

Looks promising.

Benjie’s Cafe Racers was founded by Benjie Flipprboi, a one-of-a-kind bike builder that focuses on originality and craftsmanship. The parts Benjie sells are designed to help owners of vintage Hondas, Yamahas, and Triumphs build their own, unique bike. As such, the parts designed to be mixed and matched, so that, even if you and a friend start with the same foundation bike and buy all your new parts from Benjie’s, you can walk away with two very different bikes.

The Benjie’s Cafe Racers concept works, as evidenced by the company’s “customer bikes” page, which shows over 60 customer-built cafe racers that most would be proud to ride to their local “bike night” or “mods v. rockers” club ride. The fact that you’re riding a re-used, up-cycled, high-mileage ride that uses only a fraction of the natural resources of even the most frugal new cars? You can do all that without driving a Prius rolling political statement.

I’ve included a small selection of Benjie’s parts, below, but it’s far from a comprehensive collection. Head on over to Benjie’s site and check it out. Let us know what you find!

Source and Photos: Benjie’s Cafe Racers.

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