2013 Voltitude: The Electric Swiss Army Bike Gets Real

After years of fund-raising and development, the “Electric Swiss Army Bike” Voltitude is ready for full-scale production. The first batch of the bikes are being built now, and initial orders should be shipping before the new year!

With a 15 mph top speed and a 25 mile electric-only range (add “as far as you can pedal” to that for a total range), the little electric moped takes Swiss Army knife aesthetics and adds a fair bit of Swiss Army durability in the form of stainless steel and billet aluminum construction. The steel and aluminum frame is complimented with high-quality pedals, seat, and handlebars, as well. The bike’s makers haven’t cut corners, in other words, so you can expect a riding experience filled with high-end precision.

This is about as high-end as folding electric bicycles get, people. If an electric Swiss Army bike is your bag, then this is your bike.

Source: TechVehi

Jo Borrás

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