Spoilers: 1000 hp McLaren Hybrid Supercar Outed Ahead of Paris Debut!

It’s been a busy week for McLaren, having announced that they’re hard at work with Formula E and with putting the finishing touches on a successor to their legendary, 90s-defining F1 supercar. It’s no secret that the end result will be a cost-no-object world-beater, but they haven’t been building the car in a vacuum, either. McLaren understands that green is the new fast, and it’s widely believed that they’ve put their Formula 1-spec. hybrid/KERS expertise to good use building the upcoming P12.

Industry insiders expect the McLaren hybrid supercar to pack a thousand-horsepower punch, thanks to an 800 horsepower ICE engine that’s mated to a high-capacity, 200 horsepower hybrid-electric system sending power to the front wheels for superior mid-corner traction and instant-on, all-wheel-drive launches off-the-line. All that’s conjecture, though. We won’t know the truth until the car’s unveiling at the Paris auto show later this month, which McLaren announced at the same time it released the teaser, below.


That relatively short wait-time for an innovative McLaren hybrid, however, has just made the automotive enthusiasts over at Teamspeed MORE eager to see the car underneath the dazzling, Tron-style light show. Combine eagerness and budget with time and talent and you’ve got something that can squirrel the plans of even the most careful marketers – a fact supported by my fellow Teamspeeder Mark Antar‘s efforts, which you can click for yourself in the gallery, below, if you’re as impatient as I am!


Source: Teamspeed.com

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