After Quick Repairs, Around-The-World Tesla Back On Track

In the words of Futurama’s Professor Farnsworth, “GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY!” After a nasty accident that left the Tesla Roadster of Rafael de Mestre immobile, word is out that the repaired Roadster is back on the streets after some quick repairs. The world record for first EV around the globe seems within reach!

Back On Track

The whole saga began months ago, when de Mestre set off after a pair of Citroen engineers who were racing to be the first people to circumnavigate the globe in an EV.Though the two engineers had a three-months headstart, their Frenchified Mitsubishi i-MiEV only has about ⅓ of the range of the Tesla.

de Mestre quickly caught up with the pair, and soon surpassed them. But earlier this week the race came to a screeching halt after de Mestre rear-ended a Toyota in Germany, just 600 miles from the finish line.

All seemed lost, but the Tesla service technicians in Munich pledged to get de Mestre’s Roadster back on the road ASAP. And that they did, putting the all-electric sports car back together in just four days. Woot woot!

At this rate, de Mestre will complete his around-the-world trip sometime next week, becoming the first man to go around the world powered only by electrons. The two Citroen engineers are scheduled to complete their journey sometime in October. Both are awesome accomplishments, but there can only be number one!

Source: 80 eDays

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