7th-Generation VW Golf Debuts, Will Deliver Up To 73 MPG

Easily one of the most popular cars in the world, the Volkswagen Golf is the vehicle of choice for tens of millions of people the world over. This week Volkswagen unveiled the latest generation of the Golf, a car that drops weight and improves fuel economy by as much as 23%, delivering up to 73.5 mpg when equipped with a BlueMotion diesel engine. Oh snap!

Less Weight, Better Efficiency, All German

Based on the MQB platform, the new 7th-generation Golf has shed over 200 lbs. in excess weight while being redesigned in nearly every way. This comes with a new lineup of engines that range from a measly 84 horsepower up to 148 horsepower, and all these engines come equipped with a Stop/Start system and brake energy recovery mode among others.

All told, these new improvements help the 7th-generation Golf obtain up to 23% better fuel economy…and that is just for the gas engines. Opting for the diesel-powered BlueMotion Golf means that drivers could see as much as 73.5 mpg, though that is on the European, rather than American test cycle. Even so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next generation of diesel-powered Golfs easily break the 50 mpg mark.

Sure, it still burns oil, but the Golf is spearheading a new generation of uber-efficient vehicles. Gasoline and diesel remain the most common fuels used around the world, and Volkswagen doesn’t seem to be in any rush to change that. Yet.

Source: Volkswagen

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