80 eDays Tesla Driving Around The World Crashes 600 Miles From Finish

Earlier this year, two teams of electric car drivers took off in a competition to be the first EV drivers to circumnavigate the globe. Alas, the Tesla Roadster driven by Rafael de Mestre crashed just 600 miles, and a few days short of the finish line, leaving the much-slower team of two French engineers the chance to catch up.

The End Just Before The End

Rafael set off in May, calling the challenge “80 eDays” in homage to the original story “Around the World in 80 Days.” Rafael left with the hopes of surpassing two French engineers driving a Citroen C-Zero EV who set out months earlier. He did just that, and was 600 miles from the finish line when he rear-ended a Toyota Auris. The result is a busted Tesla Roadster, and the end of the road for Rafael’s dreams of being the first to travel around the world in an electric car. He posted the above picture to his Facebook page with the caption “noooooooooo!!!!!! game over! +++ I’m fine!!!!”

It certainly is a sad way to bid adieu to Rafael’s attempts. Though the Citroen drivers had a three-month had start, the range of their EV is a lot less than that of the Tesla, allowing the sports car to quickly catch up and surpass the engineers driving the Frenchified Mitsubishi.

But as the old fable the Tortoise and the Hare goes, slow and steady wins the race. The Citroen team is set to arrive at the finish line sometime in October. Let’s hope they can bring it on home.

Source: Facebook

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