Elon Musk Mulling An All-Electric Supercar

Though the first few hundred Tesla Model S sedans have barely rolled off of the assembly line, Tesla Motors frontman Elon Musk took to car enthusiast website Jalopnik to answer questions last Friday. Among the many revelations from a man often compared to Howard Hughes of the Spruce Goose fame was the fact that he had been thinking about an all-electric supercar.

Well played Elon, well played.

An All-Electric Supercar…Eventually

Musk fielded a variety of questions including about his other ventures such as private spaceflight firm Space X. Turns out Space X just landed a fatty government contract worth $440 to develop space cargo haulers.

But what really got readers’ attention was the mention of an upcoming Tesla supercar. Specifically, Musk said this;

Yes, we will do an electric supercar at some point. It was going to happen right after the Model X, but it is more important to the world that we do a more affordable electric car. Hopefully, we will get to an electric supercar in 4 to 5 years.

Interestingly enough, the next question about electric cars in motorsports was almost brushed off by Musk, who maintains the importance on focusing on cars that people can and will buy. Nothing wrong with that…but I was hoping for a little more EV racing love from the world’s foremost electric car maker.

Good Things In Due Time

No doubt the success of the Tesla Roadster proves that there is room in the world for expensive electric sports cars. But it is also reassuring to see that Musk is more concerned with offering an “affordable” electric sedan for the masses first. That said, five years still seems like a pretty fast timetable for a car that, as far as I know, is little more than an idea floating in Musk’s head.

By the time it hits the road, there will no doubt be other all-electric supercars available for purchase. Cars like the Rimac Concept One and Quimera GT may not be available to buy now, but as working prototypes they are lightyears ahead of any Tesla supercar.

But if anyone can make it happen, it is Elon Musk. I can’t wait to see what shape an electric Tesla supercar takes.

Source: Jalopnik

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