Video: Lightning Motors Reveals Still Crazy Street Legal Model

Last year, the appropriately-named Lightning Motorcycles set a new land speed record for electric motorcycles at an astounding 216 MPH. Since then, Lightning has offered to hand-build these super-electric motorbikes for anyone willing to shell out at least $38,000, and now we have the first renderings of what these monster motorcycles might look like.

Even better, gave one of its writer/riders a chance to take the Lightning for a spin. His review can be summed up in six words; “Oh my god that is so fast!”

The Power Of Lightning

Well, what do you expect from a land-speed record setting electric motorcycle? writer Michael Barnes took the Lightning for a ride, and you can almost feel the surge of power as it launches him forward. That is thanks to a 12 kWh battery, which at highway speeds of around 70 mph can deliver upwards of 100 miles of range. If you need MORE range though, an optional 14 kWh battery can be had.

For the truly hardcore though, a 22 kWh battery is also on hand, though no mention of what that beast might cost. This isn’t your normal, run-of-the-mill electric motorcycle. This is the electric equivalent of a Ducati, and if you think $38,000 is a lot, well, people have paid ten times that for a custom chopper done by some famous hotheads out of New York.

Regardless, there is no denying either the performance orl badass looks of the Lightning motorcycle. I can dig it; can you?

Source: | Image: Glynn Kerr

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