Video: Furtive e-GT EV Goes ‘Round The Nurburgring

The Nurburgring has become the go-to place for new cars to get some serious street cred as performance vehicles. It isn’t just traditional performance cars that are making use of the ‘Ring either; all-electric cars have been using the famed German track to get data to improve both the product, and its presence.

The latest all-electric performance car to hit the Nurburgring is Exagon Motors Furtive e-GT, and the lady behind the wheel is very well known in her native Germany.

The Lady Of The Ring

That lady is Sabine Schmitz, a German motorsports personality who is most recently famous for piloting the badass Nurburgring BMW M5 ‘Ring Taxi. Basically, anyone could hop in for a ride-along with Schmitz at high speeds. She retired for driving the M5 last year after more than an estimated 20,000 laps around the 13 mile “North Loop” of the Nurburgring. Though she has not retired from racing, obviously.

Exagon Motors put Schmitz behind the wheel of their e-GT, which packs 402 horsepower and 380 ft-lbs of torque from an all-electric setup. That enables a wicked fast 0-60 mph time of just 3.5 seconds, though the top speed is an electronically-limited 155 mph. This didn’t limit Sabine though, who says that driving the e-GT is like “sitting on a cloud” despite being “so fast.” Sounds a lot like what Bill Caswell had to say about EV West’s all-electric BMW M3.

A Real World Range That’s Livable

The battery pack is supposedly good for between 180 and 220 miles of real-world driving, while a gas-powered range-extender option can give the eGT a workable range of over 500 miles. While we aren’t given a time around the ‘Ring, Audi was recently able to shatter expectations with its own successful loop, setting a new record for production EV’s in the process. No price has been set on the eGT yet, but if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

These electric cars sure are getting a lot of practice at the Nurburgring. Now we just need to get more of them on to real roads.


Christopher DeMorro

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