Steiner Nautic Builds a Plug-in Ski-boat (w/ awesome '80s video)

Steiner’s new electric powerboat is quiet enough to run WFO in quiet-zones and powerful enough to pull skiers out of the water and give your live a much-needed, seriously awesome ’80s-inspired hair metal soundtrack. That is, of course, assuming Steiner’s promotional video can be believed – and why wouldn’t you believe a commercial with this much hair metal? Are you a communist!?

Check out the video, below, to see if you’re a communist.

You loved it, didn’t you? Atta boy/girl!

For its part, Steiner Nautic calls its “elektroboot” the Lighstream 6.2. The company promises their little e-boat (e-boot?) is good for something between 20 and 40 minutes of high speed running (depending on load, of course), courtesy of a high-efficiency, 160 hp electric motor and 480 v battery pack. Up to 6 passengers can enjoy the Steiner for a quick lunch’s worth of waterskiing action – perfect for people who work on the water and enjoy some between-meeting ski-jumps! They’ll need to get back to work quickly, though, to stay current on payments for the thing. That 40 minutes of fun will set you back up to $180,000 at current (Ha! Get it?) exchange rates – meaning it costs a lot more money than the vaporware hovercraft from a few weeks ago, but is a lot more fun than the French water kart.

Source: Steiner, via TechVehi.


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