Federal Court Throws Out E15 Lawsuit

Truth and facts beat out shady GOP politics and frustrating hipster ignorance this week when a US Appeals Court decided that the lawsuit brought against the EPA by petroleum and food lobbyists (for mandating higher ethanol content in gasoline) lacked sufficient merit to move forward. The trade organizations claimed that the shift to E15 would drive up “the price of food and gasoline and harm engines,” Bloomberg writes, but the judges – after analyzing stacks of research from both sides – did not find that any such harm was being done.

In his (correct) decision, Circuit Court Judge David Sentelle wrote that “each of the industry groups advances a theory of standing, but none is in fact adequate to meet the burden of establishing standing (under Article III).” So, take THAT corrupt, bogus lobbyists. You can read the full decision for yourself, below.

Source: Bloomberg.

Jo Borrás

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