Wind-Powered “Skypump” Fills Your EV With Clean Energy

The cleanliness of your EV is directly proportional to your source of electricity. If you’re drawing current from a coal-fired powerplant, well that isn’t very clean, is it? But a new wind turbine design from GE and Urban Green Energy cleverly called the “Skypump” uses a compact design with urban areas in mind to deliver clean energy to electric vehicles.

Using the power of wind to charge electric cars isn’t a new idea, though GE’s implementation of the Skypump is worthy of note. The compact design does away with huge propellers in favor vertical wind blades that require a minimum of 7 MPH winds to operate. The Skypump is hooked into one of GE’s DuraStation Level 2 EV chargers.

Standing at 42 feet high, and utilizing a compact blade design, the Skypump could fill in where traditional wind turbines are just too big. Each blade on some wind turbines can be as big as 160 feet long; the Skypump could easily see use in mall parking lots or industrial/business parks.

Don’t get me wrong; the Skypump won’t be solving the woes of EV users anytime soon. However, it can offer a genuinely green alternative to plugging into a coal-fired plug, and if this design proves effective, it could become quite commonplace.

Source: GE

Christopher DeMorro

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