Need a Gas Guzzler? Get a Tiny EV!

You hear it again and again whenever you hear someone try to justify the massive new gas-guzzler they’ve just parked in their driveway. “I’d love to get something more green, but I need a big car/truck/SUV for my kids/dogs/towing.” Throw in a little petulant whine on the “need” and I’m sure it’ll seem immediately familiar. Oh, if only one of those little plug-in electric cars – you know, the ones that have enough range and trunk space to be able to handle a huge majority of our driving needs – would come free with that big gas-guzzler!

Now, one does!

Renault (the other half of Nissan-Renault, for you American readers) is offering a free Renault Twizy electric car to customers who pick an Espace MPV. The Espace is Europe’s most popular people/cargo-hauler, and fills the role that many SUVs do in the US, serving as family haulers and giving their owners an “active-lifestyle” image. Renault management hopes a move like this will not only help move Espaces, but also show traditional large-car buyers just how practical and money-saving an EV for running errands can be.

Keep in mind, Europe has much higher gas prices than the US (where oil and gasoline are heavily-subsidized) so the fun little Twizy should have no trouble convincing Espace owners to give it a shot, at least!

No word yet on whether something similar will be planned at the company’s US Nissan dealers, but here’s hoping someone has enough sense to give it a try Stateside!

Source: Green Car Reports.

Jo Borrás

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