This Cardboard Bicycle is Better Than You Think (w/ video)

Inspired by water-cooler talk about a cardboard canoe, inventor and craftsman Izhar Gafni became obsessed with the idea of a cardboard bicycle. Despite Gafni’s enthusiasm and technical/design prowess in the field of mechanical and bio-medical engineering, however, a number of his engineering buddies told him it couldn’t be done. Cardboard didn’t have the structural properties required to build a usable, durable bicycle frame. It was impossible … but people like Gafni love s*** that’s impossible.

Gafni began studying the paper and cardboard packing materials he’d decided to work with, and combined the principles of origami with advanced composite technology (vacuum-bagging, resin technology, etc.) to produce a complete cardboard bicycle.

That’s right – cardboard isn’t just used to make the bike’s frame. Gafni built the wheels, headset, even the seat out of 100% recyclable (if not recycled!) cardboard. Think about THAT the next time you throw away an Amazon shipping box! You can check out some of the design process – and the finished product – in the video, below.

Source: TechVehi.

Jo Borrás

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