Marketing Lesson: How to Get Your Customer to Think Green = Mean

OK, kids – time for a pop quiz. Which is more macho, a full-size pickup truck or a fuel-efficient Fiat 500C? A drum of VP109 race fuel, or a jerry can of bio-ethanol? Despite the objective benefits of the Smart for city drivers and the military’s inexorable march towards sustainable fuels, I think most people (the numbers say “85% of men”), would answer that it’s the pickup truck. That sort of thinking might explain why GM’s terrific new mild hybrids from Chevy and Buick aren’t being marketed as hybrids anymore, begging the question: are ‘green’ products perceived as ‘weak’ products?

Our sister site, Cleantechnica, recently posted a terrific article Ed Stafford that explored some of the “mainstream” reasons behind making environmentally bad choices in the name of machismo. Along the way, he proved that he’s a better writer than I, your humble weekend editor, by making his point without calling out those guys in jacked-up 4×4 pickups for being the bunch of little-d***ed, over-compensating closet-cases they are.

BRAVO, Ed!! Your Pulitzer is in the mail, I’m sure.

You can check out Ed’s terrific piece, “Making Green More Macho”, below. Enjoy!

Making Green More Macho (via Clean Technica)

 Below is an excellent post by Edwin R. Stafford and Cathy L. Hartman that Ed passed on to me. Ed and Cathy are marketing professors and directors of the Center for the Market Diffusion of Renewable Energy and Clean Technology at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University.…

Source | Photos: Cleantechnica.

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