Rolls-Royce Customers: No Diesel

Rolls-Royce buyers are different from most people. They don’t accept things like “compromise”, and that’s why representatives from Rolls-Royce have said their customers won’t accept a diesel version of the compny’s ultra-lux sedans. “A diesel has a lot of low-end torque,” said a source within the company. “But (Rolls’) customers are not going to cop it. It’s the perception of compromise. They wouldn’t entertain the idea. They said ‘absolutely not, don’t bring diesel anywhere near a Rolls-Royce, we won’t buy it’.”

Similar thinking has all but killed off the electric Rolls-Royce shown at Geneva in 2011, and boosted ultra-luxury sales in recent years to the point that other super-luxury marques are looking to Volkswagen platforms to add capacity in hopes of meeting the world’s “pent up” demand for six-figure sedans SUVs.

Think about that (and maybe this jackass) the next time gas prices impact your weekend plans.

Source | Photos: Autocar.

Jo Borrás

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