Luxury Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Saving the Planet Never Looked so Good

Alternative fuel vehicles have come a long way in recent decades. From VW Rabbits turned into fryer-oil-burning biodiesel compacts, to the first commercially available Honda and Toyota hybrids, we’ve finally reached a point where green cars have hit the mainstream. If you were waiting for your favorite automaker to unveil its version of a hybrid, electric or flex-fuel vehicle before you made the jump, the wait is over. Nearly every major make and model now has an alternative-fuel twin, from compact electrics to luxury hybrids.

Alternative fuel vehicles tend to come with a higher price tag because of high production costs. And that’s especially true of luxury hybrids. The appeal is that they produce a smaller carbon footprint without sacrificing the style, comfort and power that luxury car owners have come to expect. Let’s take a look at a few:

Model: BMW ActiveHybrid 7
Fuel type: Hybrid
Mileage: 20 miles per gallon
Cost: $97,000
Features: A 4.4-liter V8 engine makes it the fastest-accelerating hybrid in the world. Although 20 miles per gallon is low for a hybrid, this model is built for performance. The ActiveHybrid 7 is faster than the vehicle it was based on, the 750i, while being 18 percent more fuel efficient.

Model: Mercedes S400 Hybrid
Fuel type: Hybrid
Mileage: 21 miles per gallon
Cost: $91,850
Features: As the first mass-produced hybrid to employ a lithium-ion battery, the S400 is also built with performance in mind. Its battery and electric engine are more a substitute turbocharger than a way to power the vehicle at low speeds. The S400 has all the style, luxury and performance you’d want in a Mercedes, with low emissions output.

Model: Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
Fuel type: Hybrid
Mileage: 21 miles per gallon
Cost: $73,000
Features: Cadillac found a way to reduce fuel consumption in its gas-hungry luxury SUV. The Escalade Hybrid is 40 percent more efficient than a traditional Escalade while maintaining seating for eight people and offering 5,800 pounds of towing power.

Model: Tesla Roadster
Fuel type: Electric
Mileage: Not available
Cost: $109,000
Features: As one of the pioneers of emerging electric car technology, Tesla created the Roadster to demonstrate that an electric motor could do more than power a golf cart. This vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and features a battery pack capable of about 200 miles of range.

It’s hard to go wrong with these alternative fuel vehicles or one of the dozens of other luxury hybrids on the market – if you can afford them. And with price tags that can easily exceed $100,000, it’s important to make sure your auto insurance quotes include full coverage against any damage that might happen — as well as insurance on the battery, — if your provider offers it. Luxury vehicle insurance prices can vary drastically, so do some research and compare several vehicle insurance quotes before choosing a provider.

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