Runty Racer Promises a Raucous Ride

This. This rowdy little rally hatch is, without question, what those of you with the means available to you will be buying your kids this winter (assuming you, you know, love your kids). This is RMR‘s new FormulaCross rally racer, and it is easily the coolest little up-cycled ATV money can buy.

The FormulaCross is styled to play off the success of XGames-style rally racing and Ken Block’s Gymkhana series of drifting videos (the most recent, Gymkhana 5, was watched nearly 4 million times in its first 24 hours online, setting a number of audience records along the way). It looks the part, and – thanks to a 450 cc Yamaha ATV engine and drivetrain – it plays the part, as well! Check it out, in action, below …

… great stuff, I think!

RMR intends for the FormulaCross cars to play the same role in rallying that karting has traditionally played in the early careers of open-wheel drivers, but there are several objective advantages to the FormulaCross concept that help it play to more environmentally-conscious motorsports fans, as well (give me a minute on this). FormulaCross’ builders state that “Karting and go-karts are the typical entry point into first hands on expense into the world of Motorsport. The problem is to maximize this experience you have to run on designated tracks at designated times,” and that’s a fair point – but it also overlooks the energy required to manufacture and maintain specially-built, open-pipe, 2-stroke racing karts, which are often outgrown relatively quickly. RMR also points out that kart tracks require huge facilities, paving, construction, and more – all of which can be skipped with something like FormulaCross, which can be built up from an existing, emissions-compliant ATV … and that doesn’t even address the obvious safety benefits of a fully enclosed vehicle compared to an open kart (here, watch a kart driver smack the pavement at 70 mph and then let me know which one you’d rather have your kid drive).

So, the FormulaCross is no solar-powered HEPA filter/water purifier/pedal-powered Occupy-catering food truck … but it is a great way to get some (safer) use out of one of Yamaha’s excellent ATV engines that doesn’t require a few acres of deforestation and construction to have fun with. Also: I want one. To drive to work. Maybe two.

Source | Photos: Formula Cross.

Jo Borrás

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