ePower/TTXGP Qualifying Practice | Laguna Seca

Barracuda/Lightning racers Michael Barnes and Tom Montano compare notes

Today’s practice gave Eric Bostrom a chance to show what he could do on the Icon Brammo TTX, but it wasn’t enough to beat TTXGP veteran Michael Barnes on the Barracuda Lightning. Bostrom’s fastest lap was 3.3 seconds shy of Michael Barnes’ 1:33.86 on the Barracuda Lightning. Lightning’s second racer, Tom Montano, also an electric racing veteran, earned the third spot on the front row with a 1:38.66. The record for the electric bikes at Laguna Seca was set by Steve Rapp last year on the Mission at 1:33.19 in the 2011 race.

The complete grid is as follows:

  • 1st: Michael Barnes Barracuda Lightning 1:33.86
  • 2nd: 32 Eric Bostrom Icon Brammo 1:37.17
  • 3rd: 89 Tom Montano Barracuda Lightning 1:38.66
  • 4th: 49 Matthias Himmelmann Münch Racing 1:38.95
  • 5th: 58 Steve Atlas Icon Brammo 1:41.04
  • 6th: 65 Katja Poengson Münch Racing 1:48.58

The following riders did not qualify under the cutoff time of 1:52.63, and might not race tomorrow. A jury may decide to let them ride anyway, as at least two of the bikes (Rich and Kluge) compete in the TTXGP Superstock class, and would score points toward the US Championship by competing against each other tomorrow.

  • 7th: 18 Ely Schless Protomoto 1:57.99
  • 8th: 11 Ted Rich Zero Motorcycles 2:00.05
  • 9th: Kenyon Kluge K Squared Racing 2:01.10
  • 10th: Jeremiah Johnson BE.EV.com 2:07.18

Watching from pit wall, I saw the fastest trap speeds and lap times came from the Lightning bikes of Barnes and Montano. Atlas and Bostrom were close on the Brammo TTX bikes, although Atlas had to return to the pits after only two laps for work that couldn’t easily be done on pit lane.

Virginia Tech was late to QP, making it just in time to complete one lap, and wasn’t prepared to give a statement on pit lane. Tomorrow’s race will be 9 laps, and the only bike to qualify and complete more than 9 laps in QP was Bostrom’s Brammo. Barnes and Poengson each completed 8 laps. Check back here tomorrow after 11AM for a full race report!

Susanna Schick

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