Ford's New Diesel Ranger Pickup Gets Driven … in the UK

Chris’ petition to Ford trying to convince the blue oval boys to bring their “world-market” diesel Ranger to the US has been, comment-wise, one of the most popular posts in Gas 2’s short five-year history. Despite our pleas, increasingly stringent CAFE standards on light trucks, the recession, the complete absurdity of driving a full-size pickup as a daily driver (you don’t need that thing, and you know it) and much internet complaining, however, Ford maintains that it has no plans to bring its sweet new ride to the US market.

Adding fuel to America’s small-truck lust, British car mag Autocar just released a review of the 30+ mpg, 4-cylinder, diesel-engined, crew-cab version of the latest Ford Ranger. Which, despite its having enough room to fit most families and tow damn-as-near anything (up to and including a 160-ton locomotive), the reviewer actually liked (!). Automotive journalists never like things that are safe, practical, and “green”.

Autocar write Allan Muir sums up his Ranger experience with “Rugged enough to cope with life as a workhorse yet comfortable and well equipped enough to perform family and leisure-related duties as well, the Ranger is a much more likeable vehicle than you might have expected,” which makes me wish we’d get the chance, in Ford’s home country, to decide for ourselves whether the diesel Ranger makes sense for us.

Until that day comes, enjoy these pictures (below) and click through the link (at bottom) to check out the original review.

Source | Photos: Autocar.

Jo Borrás

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