Jaguar's Next Supercar To Get 550 Horsepower 1.6 liter 4-Cylinder Engine

Concept cars rarely translate into reality, and when they do, it is often without gullwing doors and turbine engines. So it is that Jaguar’s much ballyhooed C-X75 concept car, which did actually debut with turbine engine, will replace the turbine-hybrid setup on the production line with a high-revving, small-displacement 4-cylinder engine making around 550 horsepower.

Little Motor, Huge Power

In concept form, a gas turbine engine charged a battery, which powered four electric motors, one on each wheel and each producing around 195 horsepower each for a grand total of 780 horsepower. That whole setup is reportedly being tossed out in favor of a 1.6 liter twin-charged 4-cylinder engine that won’t make as much power, but is probably (compartively) cheaper and more practical to produce.

With an RPM redline somewhere around 10,000, this high-revving four-banger will sing a song of up to 550 horsepower throughout the powerband. The engine, pictured above under load, utilizes both supercharger and turbocharger technology to make all that power. As a platitude to hybrid fans, two electric motors powered by a 600 volt battery will provide cruising power up to 40 mph.

Priced To Move

Even without the turbine-hybrid setup, the Jaguar C-X75 is capable of speeds of 200 mph for a cost of around $1.1 million. And Jag is still doing more, with less, thanks to its innovative engine. Just ten years ago the thought of such a small engine making such big power sans a complete racing setup seemed impossible. Now, it is becoming ever more common.

And sure, it carries a crazy-high price tag, but Jag is in good company when it comes to engine downsizing. Ford’s line of EcoBoost engines comes to mind, but just about every major automaker is looking to build smaller motors that don’t sacrifice performance. Today’s car buyer is the discerning sort, even among the super wealthy. Production will be limited to just 200 cars, and the first ones will hit roads aorund 2014.

I’d love to have a 1.6 liter, 550 horsepower engine that revs to 10,000 RPM. AutoCar even has a sound clip of what this ridiculous engine will sound like. Drop one of those into a ‘32 Ford hot rod and really blow some minds.

Too bad the engine alone probably cost as much as my house.

Source: AutoCar

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