A Walk Through the ePower/TTXGP Paddock

Munch team in preparation for the race

It’s Friday morning and some ePower/TTXGP teams are still not here.  All of the entries listed but Münch are from the TTXGP US series, Münch races with ePower. This race is a collaboration between the two serie, as last year.

Katja’s windscreen on Munch

Exciting news to race fans are some well-known names joining the lineup this year. AMA veteran pro racer Eric Bostrom will be piloting the Brammo Empulse, and former MotoGP 250GP racer Katja Poengson will join teammate (and team owner) Matthias Himmelmann in piloting the Münch bikes. Katja is the only woman to have ever scored points in a MotoGP series, which means she’s FAST. Although I’m intrigued by the % symbol next to her number 65. Does this mean she’ll only be giving it 65% to conserve battery power? We’ll find out after tomorrow’s 5:10PM Qualifying Practice.

Lightning has a new paint job thanks to their sponsors Barracuda Networks, and a solar generator bigger than most ePower pits from Renewables West. Lightning racer Michael Barnes told me they plan to leave no trace. Except perhaps for the tire marks he’ll leave backing it into the corners. Hatfield and his crew were deep into prepping the bike, so I didn’t ask them any questions. Please leave any questions you may have in the comments here.

Production Zero S’s ready for Qualifying Practice

Zero motorcycles benefits greatly from the new Superstock class in the TTXGP series. Their S models are relatively race-ready. However, this race will exclude any bikes which cannot qualify within a certain percentage of the fastest qualifier. So it’s possible they will not be able to race, depending on how fast the top bikes are in QP.

The Virginia Tech team is working hard to prepare their Honda CBRE for the race. I’ll have plenty of questions for them later. (another converted Honda, hmmm…) It’s too bad Mugen isn’t here, it would be great to see that bike at Laguna Seca. I’m also sad that Mission Motors and MotoCzysz aren’t racing this weekend. I did see Michael Czysz here though, he was awaiting his next appointment with a MotoGP factory team. They’re working on some top-secret new technology (possibly leaked here by Asphalt & Rubber) that they can sell as an aftermarket component for gas-powered motorcycles.

Teams not photographed simply aren’t here yet. With their first (and only) practice scheduled for 5:10PM on Saturday, there isn’t much reason to rush out here. More tomorrow!

Susanna Schick

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