Video: Rally Driver Bill Caswell Becomes An EV Believer

There are plenty of people in the world of motorsports who will dismiss electric vehicles as a distraction, unable to compete on a professional level. And while electric vehicle racers are slowly winning the hearts and minds of doubters, sometimes a reformed doubter can the strongest advocate. Bill Caswell, who became an international superstar when he built and raced his own BMW rally car in his home garage, was just such a doubter. But after a brief ride in EV West’s all-electric BMW M3, Caswell has become a believer.

From Rally Driver To EV Enthusiast

In a post over at car enthusiast website Jalopnik, Caswell explains how he became a believer. His brief stint in EV West’s electric BMW M3 was an eye-opening experience, who described the onset of 700 horsepower as such;

Like God reached down, pulled back on the car, and wound it up. You press the gas and the car jumps forward. Throttle response is a thing of the past.

That’s about right. As I extoll over and over again, the performance potential of electric vehicles is incredible. All it takes is getting the doubters some wheel time to convert them into believers. Granted, Caswell still recognizes the limitations of electric vehicles, primarily having to do with battery weight and life…but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and steam engines weren’t replaced overnight.

The march of progress continues, and it looks like another racer has joined the ranks.

Source: Jalopnik

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