Driving is For Suckers: Swing to Work Like Spider-Man!

Spider-Man ain’t nobody’s sucka, that’s fo sho! Why I’m talking like those guys from Airplane!, I’m not really sure, but it’s probably because I’m too excited to really think straight. See, Tina Casey (over at Gas 2’s sister site, Cleantechnica) just wrote up an article about Spidey’s best toys: web-shooters.

“So,” I hear you asking, “how, exactly, is this green news? How does it relate to cars or racing or anything like that?”

I’ll tell you. It’s green because swinging from a building is one short step away form BASE jumping in terms of adrenaline rush, and will get you across town quicker than any hybrid or EV without using a single drop of dino-juice.

Post non-believer apologies in the comments, and check out Tina’s original article, below.

Secret of Spider-Man’s Spider Silk Fluid Revealed! (via Clean Technica)

  A California scientist has developed a synthetic form of spider silk created by living bacteria, and in a life-imitates-art twist his research track is running parallel to the storyline of the fictional superhero Spider-Man. In both cases, the result has been a renewable, nontoxic biomaterial that…

Source: Cleantechnica.

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