More 2013 Civic Hybrids Made in the USA

Honda’s 2013 Civic Hybrid may not be the most exciting hybrid Honda builds, or the cleanest car in the Japanese brand’s line-up … but, starting next year, this most mainstream of Honda’s hybrids may become the most “American” hybrid you can buy! Honda has just announced that it will be investing an additional $40 million into its factory in Indiana, adding about 1000 new jobs and expanding capacity by 50,000 units annually.

That increase in production capacity, by the way, means that 90% of the Honda-badged cars sold in the US will be manufactured in North America, which is good for American factory workers and good for Honda’s bottom line!

As a quick reminder, Honda’s Civic Hybrid makes use of a 1.5L 4-cylinder gas engine mated to a continuously-variable transmission and a small electric powerplant, good for a combined 110 hp at 44 EPA-rated mpg. Not bad, in other words … even if it’s not the sexxxiest hybrid you can lay your hands on.

Let us know what you think about all this made-in-the-USA Honda goodness in the comments, below.

Source: Honda, via Motorpasion.

Jo Borrás

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