Faraday's Porteur eBike Gets Real

Introduced last year at the Oregon Manifest bike competition (which it won), the Faraday Porteur is finally (almost) coming to market. All they need now is $100,000.

The bike itself is a pedal-assisted ebike that Porteur likens to having an “electric tailwind” everywhere you ride. Having ridden a few ebikes in my time, I think it feels more like suddenly rushing downhill, but that’s a bit nitpicky (even for me). That said, I like the Faraday. The look is spot-on, the material quality seems to be there, and the attention to detail is just stunning. Just look at this …

… that’s one classy bike a**! Very Star Trek Enterprise from that view, I think.

The Farady’s electric pedal-assist is good for runs between 10 and 15 miles, depending on conditions like rider weight and elevation changes. The 250W electric hub motor up front, by the way, is powered by lithium batteries which are tucked away cleverly in the bike’s double top tubes (think “laptop batteries”) and, according to the manufacturer, can be charged in around 45 minutes.

The Faraday doesn’t skimp on the “bike” part of ebike, either, and features high-end Shimano gears, Brooks leather saddle, and all manner of hipster bike stuff, as well … which is a good thing for Faraday, since they need to justify that $3500 pricetag.

If that $3500 price of admission seems totally reasonable, by the way, you can always step up and buy one of the initial “hand-built” models, assembled by the bike’s designer. Those will run a cool $10,000.


If you want more information, you can check out Farady’s Kickstarter page. Whatever you do, though, don’t pony up for a $10K ebike. Really. Buy a pair of sikk vintage motorcycles and a Lemonhead for that $10K.

Source: Gizmag.

Jo Borrás

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