Veeco RT is a Portuguese Powerhouse (w/ video)

I’ve blasted lame-o trikes like Can-Am’s Roadster in these pages before for being pretend, pseudo-motorcycles for people who want to dress like bikers but are too afraid to actually, you know, learn to ride a bike. This trike, however, is an entirely different ball of bees. It’s called the Veeco RT, and “Veeco RT” may just be Portuguese for “Jo wants one”.

Despite its 3-wheeled nature, the all-electric Veeco RT is built to drive and feel like a car from behind the wheel. With a wide rear tire providing roughly equal tire contact-patch areas front and rear, and the weight of the electric motor and batteries behind the driver, it may just … and, coupled to 330-plus lb-ft of “instant on” electric torque propelling its tiny frame, the car it feels like may just be a Kirkham Cobra. Off the line, anyway.

Check out the video, below, to see the Veeco RT in action.

As you can see in the video, the Veeco RT is a runner. With the backing of the Portuguese government and bunches of green-friendly Euro grants going around, this stylish little scissor-doored coupe may just have a real shot at production, if not a trip to the US (where, by the way, its 3-wheeled layout would classify it as a motorcycle, so it wouldn’t need to pass “regular” crash tests). Here’s hoping, then, that Veeco has better luck than Aptera did.

CLICK HERE check out Veeco’s corporate website, and let us know if you happen to get the contract to bring these things stateside. We’ll want to drive one.

Source | Photos: Motorpasion.

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