Tri-Turbo Diesel-Powered Mercedes AMG SLS Coming To Paris Auto Show?

Diesel engines are gaining traction here in America, though over in Europe they already represent the most popular engine choice among consumers. Better gas mileage, lots of torque, and cleaner emissions all make diesel engines appealing to European automakers, and not just for commuter econoboxes either. Reports are surfacing that Mercede’s in-house tuning arm, AMG, could bring a triple-turbocharged six-cylinder diesel-powered SLS to the Paris Auto Show. But is it really happening, or just wishful thinking?

Dreamin’ of Diesels

The rumor orginiated at polish car enthusiast website before being picked up by Jalopnik, who later updated their website to say that no, such a car isn’t happening. Yet nobody has confirmed anything as far as I am concerned, and considering that other Mercedes tuning houses like Brabus have converted the German sports sedans into all-electric vehicles, is a diesel-powered gullwing Mercedes so far fetched? Hell, Mercedes is even working on an all-electric version of the gullwing SLS itself…so what is stopping them from making a diesel version.

Nothing, if you ask me. The rumor indicates that AMG is working in a triple-turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine for the AMG SLS, which will make its debut at the Paris Auto Show this fall. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part…but what would be so wrong about making a turbodiesel sports car?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. In fact, it sounds like the best damn idea Mercedes has had in years. They have a whole slew of diesel engines in their lineup already…why not go that extra step and make a performance diesel motor, and drop it into your line’s halo car?

I’m obviously on board with this idea, even though Jalopnik thinks it is a non-start. How about you? Is diesel performance the wave of the future?

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