French Student Successfully Concludes Zero-Emission National Scooter Tour

Electric Scooter Tour Around FranceFrench student Vianney Bureau has just completed a road trip around France. This is not unusual. He has completed the road trip on a scooter, which is also not unusual. The detail that makes this trip stand out is that Bureau undertook his 2600 mile trip on an electric scooter.

The driving force behind Bureau’s trip was the desire to prove that electric scooters are perfectly viable for use in everyday life, driving up to 100 miles between recharges. He set out last month on a GOVECS GO! 2.4 provided by GOVECS itself, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of electric vehicles.

One Month, 14 Regions, 4219 Kilometers

The trip around France started in Paris and went through Le Mans, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Cannes, Monaco, Grenoble, Lyon and Reims. Along the way, Bureau crossed mountain passes over 6500 feet above sea level, and did not plan out his charge points ahead of time. The scooter took it all in stride. And because apparently the trip wasn’t difficult enough, Bureau set himself a daily budget of 10 Euros (about $12 USD).

Having successfully completed the trip on time and within the budget, without using gasoline and charging the scooter as he went along, Bureau feels that he has successfully demonstrated just how viable electric vehicles are, and the entire trip has been chronicled on Facebook. GOVECS CEO Thomas Grübel couldn’t agree more:

“The Zero Emission Tour proves that electric scooters are perfectly suited for daily life. This on-road test demonstrates specifically that the model GOVECS GO! 2.4 can do a good 60 miles between recharging at a top speed of 28mph. The trip was a success not only for Vianney, but also for us. We’re happy that the scooter has undergone such testing with no complications – even at over 2600 miles, the GO! 2.4 had no issues whatsoever. That speaks to the high quality of our vehicles.”

Granted, a top speed of under 30 mph is not what I’d look for in a road trip vehicle, nor is an outside range of less than a hundred miles – but for commuting to and around the city (where I live)? That’s perfect. One more in the This Works For Me column. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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