Mark Webber Drives Hybrid Infiniti Supercar at Goodwood (video)

Red Bull Racing’s ace driver Mark Webber was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, behind the wheel of Infiniti’s Emerg-E hybrid-electric supercar concept.

Mark has a lot of experience behind the wheel of fast-moving, Infiniti-powered hybrids, of course: his RBR Formula 1 ride is Infiniti-powered and equipped with one of the best KERS hybrid systems in motorsports. The 400 hp extended-range electric Emerg-E (which takes about 4 seconds to sprint to 60 mph), however, may be the slowest hybrid Infiniti Mark’s driven all week!

The video (at top) shows Mark taking to the track, while the high-resolution gallery (below) shows off some of the Emerg-E’s sexier curves. Enjoy!

Source: TechVehi.

Jo Borrás

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