Video: Renault Twizy EV On “Will It Drift?”

French Automaker Renault has become an unexpected force in the electric car market. The ZOE Z.E. electric car recently set a 24-hour range record for electric cars, going over 1,000 miles in a single day while costing a lost less money than its cousin, the Nissan Leaf. Possibly even more important than the ZOE though is the Twizy, a city electric car that will cost less than $10,000 and puts power to the road through the rear wheels.

Rear-wheel drive is an important feature for me, as it is the basis for such fun automotive past times as drag racing and drifting. This next video, from UK car magazine Autocar, ask if the Renault Twizy, with its 17 horsepower electric motors, will drift.

Turns out the answer is an enthusiastic yes. In fact, the Renault Twizy is described as “a complete peach” when it comes to drifting, thanks to a chassis that was given the once-over by in-house tuning shop RenaultSport and the rear-wheel drive setup. As you can see in the video, it is neither fast nor loud when it comes to driving sideways, which sort of sucks some of the fun out of drifting. But it still drifts a good deal better than a front-wheel drive car like the Nissan Leaf or Renault ZOE.

I implore any major automaker working on a next-gen EV; please consider rear-wheel drive. It can really liven up an otherwise dull driving experience, and rear-wheel drive will make converting performance-minded doubters a good bit easier. AutoCar’s correspondent Steve Sutcliffe has a huge smile on his face throughout his EV drifting foray, and though it is undeniably slow, most of us aren’t 2010 Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. Electric cars are starting to get their own racing series, however, including an all-electric drifting series with the very-awesome 700 horsepower Quimera AEDC race car  at its heart.

The Renault Twizy looks like a good bit of fun around the track…if only it was more car than golf cart.


Christopher DeMorro

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