I Just Raced You, and This is Crazy. Here's My Number – So, Buy Me, Maybe?

Lola has built some of the most successful competition cars of the last few decades – and, last month, Lola Cars went into administration … which is British fancy-talk for bankruptcy.

Here at Gas 2, we’re fans – and the “Lola Cars Headed for Bankruptcy” post has been sitting in the “unfinished drafts” section of our site for about a month. Maybe we were waiting for more information, but maybe we just didn’t have the heart. I didn’t, anyway. Imagine our my happiness, then, when news broke that a German company was considering buying the iconic constructor, giving it a new lease on life! I waited patiently for more news, and then this happened: Lola won LeMans. Again.

The Rebellion Racing Lolas didn’t take the overall victory, of course – that honor went, again, to Audi – but they did finish 1st and 3rd in the LMP1 Privateer class, “breaking Audi’s stranglehold” of the top spots and beating out both the factory Toyota’s epic failures and Nissan’s tragic one. While Lola is more a pure-race car company than most automakers, even they have dipped their toes into the world of alternative fuel performance. In fact, Lola is set to debut an all-electric race car with moldable batteries in the American Le Mans Series later this year. There may yet be hope for this plucky performance brand.

Everyone loves a winner, and this great win from a privateer Lola team is sure to sweeten whatever backroom deals are currently underway to save Lola Cars from (what seems to be) otherwise certain doom.

Here’s hoping!

Sources | Photos: Lola, via Autocar; Huntington People | Rebellion Racing.

Jo Borrás

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