Cleantechnica: Making Electric Cars Go Fast(er)

How to make cars and bikes go faster is a subject that’s been near and dear to my heart (and paycheck) for 15 years now – and I’ve had a chance to play with hybrid rally cars, ethanol dragsters, and CNG-powered street beasts. Still, I haven’t had the chance to build a Seriously sikk EV, though … and really haven’t ever sat down to type out any kind of eco-go-fast-ifesto. That’s like a “manifesto” for making “eco” stuff go faster, you know?

I haven’t YET, anyway.

Until that comes along, then, you’re stuck with this vastly inferior great article from our sister site, Cleantechnica. Enjoy!

How to “Hot-Rod” an Electric Car (via Clean Technica)

  When we think electrical cars, we are usually trying to be practical, grounded to the Earth… or trying to save it. Some cars are mostly for show. Others are tuned for performance. This Youtube video below posted by Car and Driver is just plain fun. They raised the question of what could be done…

Source: Breath on the Wind, via Cleantechnica.

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