Ferrari F70 Hybrid Taking Shape, Could Beat Bugatti's Acceleration

That text up there that reads “Ferrari Red”? It’s green. Red is the new green, though, as Ferrari has gone to great pains to prove in recent years.

To wit: since 2010, the Italian supercar maker has established itself as a leader in the race for automakers to curb harmful carbon emissions, and has promised that its upcoming “F70” hypercar would make use of the company’s F1-derived HY-KERS hybrid technology to deliver the cleanest, meanest street car in the company’s storied, 70-year history.

Just how mean will the Enzo-successor be? According to Autocar, the HY-KERS-equipped, 7.3L V12 drivetrain is tipped to produce something north of 900 bhp, which – coupled with the “instant-on” nature of electric motors – could be enough to strip title of “world’s fastest ‘standard production’ car” from the million-dollar Bugatti Veyron.

Autocar has a high-resolution gallery of Ferrari’s test mule that you can CLICK HERE to see. I’ve picked my favorites, however, and included them here. Enjoy!

Source | Images: Autocar.

Jo Borrás

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