Infiniti Emerg-E To Tackle Famed Goodwood Hill Climb

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has been called Petrol Head Nirvana, and for good reason. Founded by the Earl of March in the 1990’s, the Festival of Speed now attracts 150,000+ spectators annually to the “world’s largest motoring garden party”. The main event is a hill climbing race, and many automakers have chosen to unveil new cars at the Festival in years past. Inifinti is adding itself to this elite list by announcing that a working version of its new electric car, the Emerg-E, will take on the challenge of the famed hill climb.

Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber will pilot the extended-range electric car through the 9 twisty turns of Goodwood’s hill climb. Two electric motors provide 300 kw/400 hp, and a three-cylinder range extender kicks in when the battery is depleted. Whether or not the Infiniti Emerg-E tenderly navigates the course, or intends to rip through it as fast as possible remains to be seen. I’m obviously hoping for the latter.

The Emerg-E is just the latest in a trend of luxury-oriented electric cars, cars with a performance punch that makes them more fun to drive than say, the stock Nissan Leaf. The Emerg-E will have an estimated top speed of 130 mph, which is really as fast as most people will ever want to go. I really do hope the Emerg-E makes a big splash at Goodwood, which has hosted other electric vehicle competitors before. Might Goodwood turn into the European version of Pikes Peak?

Source: Infiniti


Christopher DeMorro

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